Vaughn Velocity V6 1000 Intermediate Catcher

Vaughn Velocity V6 1000 Intermediate Catcher

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The 1100i Intermediate V6 catch glove has a large one piece cuff and thumb section that provides increased protection along the cuff and thumb. This design feature creates a more solid blocking surface. The catch surface is a larger shape and design to give the glove more depth and frontal catch surface area with a 42.5 inch perimeter size. The T-web is a double bar design with a wider top profile that gives the glove a wider profile and more open pocket for enhanced catching. Precision molded palm reduces weight and increases protection and adds strength to the finger perimeter edge. The internal hand features divided finger stalls with back hand control strap to provide increased hand grip. Inner mid hand pad features two way adjustments to allow a custom fit for hand shape and adjustment strap for security. Internal palm base has a grip texture and fingertip grip rail to give more leverage and close the glove faster for puck retention. Large wrist pad incorporates a leather wrist strap that is precisely located to allow the strap to be located directly over the flex area of the wrist for improved hand retention and superior glove feel. New style four piece back hand pad provides extreme glove flexibility and features our fingertip deflecting ramp covering the finger ends. Wide flared back cuff allows for more wrist flexibility and gives room for arm pads to overlap the gloves properly.
  • Internal hand design provides precision hand placement and glove control
  • Large double bar T-web
  • Light weight and balanced for feel
  • Heat moldable to speed break-in
  • Wider catch surface area with wider T-web top
  • Curved cuff for puck deflection
  • Solid one piece thumb and cuff design
  • Internal palm with grip surface
  • Fingertip inner grip rail
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Additional Information

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