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If you watch any amount of professional hockey on TV, we're almost certain that you've seen LOTS of skaters and goalies wearing TRUE Hockey Pro Custom Skates. TRUE Hockey, with the help of skate-guru Scott Van Horne (holds a bachelor's of Science Degree and Masters in Biomechanics), have put more than 25 years of experience into designing, building and handcrafting performance-driven skates for elite hockey players at all levels. In a nutshell, TRUE Skates are crafted for YOUR feet - the skates offer high performance, unbelievable comfort, pain-free skating (say goodbye to sore feet and lacebite) and a high-quality look that is second-to-none in the industry. Welcome to the evolution in skate design!

At Cyclone Taylor Sports, we have been fitting elite hockey players with TRUE Skates since July 2017. What started out slow, has now turned into an extremely-popular option for our elite customers in the Greater Vancouver Area, as well as those located Washington State. Our TRUE Custom Skate Fit Centre is located at our Vancouver Store:

- 6575 Oak St.
- Vancouver, BC  V6P 3Z3
- 1.604.266.3316 (local) - Map It!

Skate Models

What model is right for you? TRUE Hockey starts with three "base" options (player skate, 2-piece goal skate, 1-piece goal skate), and then customizations can be added from there (we will touch on pricing and available customizations below - please read on!): 

TRUE Hockey Pro Custom Skate Options

Let's quickly break-down the three skate options and give you a little more information on the "guts" of the skates and what you can expect from TRUE Pro Custom Skates (they are unlike anything else currently available at the retail level):

Pro Custom Player Skates

- Pain-free skating experience - these skates are built from the inside out using a custom 3D foot last shaped to YOUR feet.
- Skate boot locks in your feet = unrivalled power, comfort and control.
- Designed for ANY type of skater (forward or d-man). 
- Ultimate fit, comfort and protection.
- The skates help facilitate a natural and more direct energy transfer in every stride.
- Made in Canada with the finest raw materials.

Pro Custom 2-Piece Goalie Skates

- Lightweight, forward pitch, taller attack angle.
Puts you in the deepest attack position.
- Ultimate comfort, fit and protection.
- Pain-free skating experience. These boots are made for YOU!
- Stand tall in the net - greater clearance from the ice, better attack angle, deeper stance and maintained edges.

Pro Custom 1-Piece Goalie Skates

- Zero energy loss, neutral pitch, lower attack angle.
- Perfect attack position.
- Ultimate fit, comfort and protection.
- Zero energy loss with TRUE's 1-piece molded design. Get across the crease faster!
- No traditional cowling = lower position to the ice for heightened feel, maximum control and improved attack angle.

Pricing, Scanning Process and Delivery Timeframe (Prices are in CAD$, and pre-tax)

 Pro Custom Player Skates

- Boot with TRUE holder and STEP Steel: $799 (Junior), $999 (Senior).
- Boot only: unfortunately, ordering "boot only" is no longer available (per TRUE Hockey). Sorry for any inconvenience!

If you would like to add Bauer Lightspeed Edge Holders & STEP Blacksteel to your custom TRUE skates, we will need to remove the stock holders/steel first, and then do the conversion (extra charges apply). Click here for a recent conversion we did for a local customer!

Additions available (extra charges apply):
- Embroidered tongues (up-to three #'s or letters allowed per tongue): +$25
- Increased impact protection (internal built-in shot blockers): +$50
- T-Guard tongue - metatarsal protection (stiffer, thicker, more protection): +$25
- Side panel coloring (white, silver, TRUE blue, red): +$25
- Extra set of replacement tongues (ordered during initial skate-fitting): +$40, or +$80 (if ordered after-market later)


Pro Custom 2-Piece Goalie Skate

- Boot with TRUE holder and STEP Steel: $849

- Boot only: unfortunately, ordering "boot only" is no longer available (per TRUE Hockey). Sorry for any inconvenience!

Additions available (extra charges apply): same as listed above for the Player Skates.


Pro Custom 1-Piece Goalie Skate

- Goalie skate with STEP Steel: $999

Additions available (extra charges apply): same as listed above for the Player Skates.


If you are thinking about getting yourself a pair of TRUE Pro Custom Skates, there are a few other things to note about the process. First, the scanning process needs to be done in-person at our Vancouver Store. Assuming the store is not busy, please expect the scanning process to take around 15-minutes of your time. We will need to scan your bare feet, so be expected to remove your socks and roll up your pants so we can capture all the details of YOUR specific feet with TRUE's 3D iPad scanner. 

It is also important to note that TRUE Pro Custom Skates need to be 100% paid-for upfront (non-refundable). We require full payment and a complete scan of your feet before we can send the order to TRUE Hockey in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Once the order has been sent to TRUE, it will take them 4-6 weeks to design, build and ship your skates. Once the skates arrive back in Vancouver at our retail store, we will call you to come in and get YOUR custom skates professionally heat-fitted (included), sharpened (included) and potentially profiled (extra $40 charge, but highly recommended). Click on the video below to see the state-of-the-art ProSharp Profiling Machine in action:

ProSharp AS 2001 Allpro Skate Profiling Machine

Lastly, TRUE Hockey stands by their custom skates - if any issues happened to arise with your skates, there is a 180-day (6-month) warranty period from the date of receipt of your skates. We have thrown a lot of information at you here - if you have ANY questions, concerns or inquiries about TRUE Hockey Pro Custom Skates, don't hesitate to contact us at any of the following mediums. We're more-than-happy to help!

- Vancouver Store: 1.604.266.3316 (local), or 1.800.665.2188 (toll-free)
- Email:
- Social Media: Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

Welcome to the evolution in skate design!