STEP Skates Blacksteel (For Bauer Edge Holder)

STEP Skates Blacksteel (For Bauer Edge Holder)

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  •     Blacksteel: diamond-like-coating (DLC) on the blade, making the steel harder. You will keep your edge longer than any other steel on the market. Glide is also improved, and you have more "bite" on the ice.
  •     Edge Holder: this steel is built for the Bauer Edge Holder (quick-release trigger).
  •     Warranty: 1-year.
STEP Skates ST-EDGE Blacksteel is the best hockey blade on the market, period. It is used by numerous NHL players, including Patrick Kane, Vladimir Tarasenko, Morgan Reilly, amongst many others.. The Blacksteel is manufactured in the STEP Skates factory in Quebec City, and comes pre-sharpened with a 10' radius, neutral pitch, and are guaranteed to be straight. Additional details of the Blacksteel are as follows:
Nano surface Giga performance:
The surface of every Blacksteel blade is coated with a layer of carbon nanoparticles to create an incredibly fine, hard edge. Like a high-quality knife, there are no burrs on the edge when sharpened. The mirror finish, obtained by heavily polishing the steel, enhances glide quality. The blade's hard edge withstands bangs and impacts and lasts longer - a real plus when the action gets intense.
Precision Redefined:
STEP Skates has been redefining skate blade quality standards since 2005. It all starts with a careful analysis of the physical characteristics of the steel they use for their blades—and it continues with quality controls at every step of production.
Blades with Real Bite:
The superior hardness of the blade edge lets you dig into the ice with incredible control, boosting your confidence and precision when you turn and delivering better response on your stops. And with STEP's higher blades, you can really lean into the turns.
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Additional Information

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