Introducing the Richmond Minor Hockey Association & Cyclone Taylor Sports Partnership

With the 2017/18 hockey season around the corner around the corner, Cyclone Taylor Sports and Richmond Minor Hockey Association (RMHA) are proud to announce their partnership for the upcoming season!

To get you ready for the new season we are offering a bunch of deals at up to 70% off retail price. Plus, exclusive to RMHA:

  • Buy any Youth or Junior Skate & receive a FREE 5-punch skate sharpening card.
  • Buy any Senior Skate & receive a FREE 10-punch skate sharpening card.

Use discount code Blues17 to receive the offer online. Or come visit us in-store at one of our four locations and mention that you are a part of the RMHA and saw this page.

Looking for team apparel and merchandise? Don't hesitate to contact our Team Sales Manager, Tim Gilligan, by clicking here. Or, look out for him at the team fitting weekend in early September!

Have a look at some of our hottest deals below – and here’s to a successful season for RMHA!

As an ice hockey player, your skates are very important! They are literally what connect you to the ice. You need to be able to stop, change direction, turn quickly accelerate in order to have as much success as possible on the ice. Having the right skate for you will allow you to do just that, and help take your game to the next level.

Check out some of our hottest skate deals below, and remember that RMHA members receive a 5-punch skate sharpening pass ($24.00 value) with any Junior or Youth Skate, or a 10-punch skate sharpening pass ($48.00 value) with any Senior Skate!


Bauer Vapor 1X Ice Hockey Skates

SR. $499.99 (MSRP $949.99) 47% off

JR. $379.99 (MSRP $679.99) 44% off

The Bauer Vapor 1X Skates will provide you with top-end agility, a balanced attack and the ability to blow defenders away with a single stride! There's a reason why Vapor Skates are one of the most popular families of skates in hockey. 


CCM Classic Tacks Ice Hockey Skates

SR. $189.99 (MSRP $319.99) 41% off

JR. $159.99 (MSRP $269.99) 41% off

Designed to provide you with explosive acceleration on the ice! CCM has been making some great skates the past few years, and the Classic Tacks are no exception. 


Bauer Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates

JR. only, $89.99! 47% off

Let your kid be the fastest on the ice – they will love the Vapor X400 and the rock-solid price point!

We have many more skates on sale at up to 70% off! Check them all out hereor come visit us in-store at one of our four locations to get a personalized fitting experience. And reminder, RMHA members get a FREE 5-punch sharpening card with any Youth or Junior Skate purchase ($24.00 value), or a FREE 10-punch sharpening card with any Senior Skate purchase ($48.00 value).

When it comes to ice hockey, your stick should be an extension of yourself. It’s the instrument that you use to control the puck, make that last-minute poke check, or score that winning goal. Whether you’re a player that likes to hang back and shoot powerful slapshots or you’re the player that likes to cut the opposition apart with your deadly stickhandling skills, here at Cyclone Taylor Sports we have the right stick for you.

Check out some our hottest deals below:



SR. $249.99 (MRSP $319.99)
22% off

INT. $229.99 (MRSP $259.99)

JR. $179.99 (MRSP $239.99) 25% off

‘Bring the Boom’ with the Bauer Supreme 1S - perfect for full-power slap shots!



CCM RBZ 260 for $74.99 50% off!

Balance speed and power with the CCM RBZ – ideal for any type of shot from any position!


Bauer Nexus 1N Stick

Bauer Nexus 1N (2015) for $189.99 41% off

With Bauer’s TRU mid-kick flex profile, the Nexus 1N Set your sights and hit your target every time with the Nexus 1N!

We also have many more sticks on sale at up to 70% off – check them all out by clicking hereor come visit us in-store at one of our four locations to get advice on what stick would be right for you and your playing style!

Ice hockey is a physical sport. You need to have confidence on the ice that you will withstand the physicality of the sport. Whether you’re the type of player that wants light and fitted shoulder pads to be agile and quick on the ice, or you’re the player that wants big shoulder pads to have a big physical presence on the ice, The correct shoulder pads for you are essential for your style of play.

Check out some of our hottest pad deals below:


Bauer Supreme MX3 

SR. $129.99 (MSRP $189.99) 32% off

JR. $99.99 (MSRP $169.99) 41% off

Get increased mobility without any compromise on protection with the Bauer Supreme MX3.


CCM Tacks Shoulder Pad

$44.99 (MSRP $89.99) 51% off

Although a player will never want to, sometimes we do go into the boards hard and get lit up – when that happens the CCM Tacks will be there to protect you!

Check out all our shoulder pad deals hereor come visit us in-store at one of our four locations where you’ll be able to try on the shoulder pads for yourself! 

Gloves are an essential piece of hockey gear, heading out onto the ice without gloves can put you at serious risk of being hurt.  Gloves will protect your hands from other sticks on the ice or from a flying puck, both of which could lead to a serious bone breakage in your hand.  They will also keep your hands safe from being crushed during a collision or a fall onto the ice.

Before you head out onto the ice this season make sure you check our hottest deals on gloves below:


Bauer Supreme 170 Glove

Senior $79.99 (MSRP $129.99) 39% off

Junior $59.99 (MSRP $114.99) 48% off

Designed with dual density inserts and a patented 2-piece flex thumb with stretch nylon.


Bauer Supreme 150 glove

Junior $44.99 47% off

Solid ergo construction and a stretch nylon make the Supreme 150 built for lasting performance.

Check out all our glove deals here, or come visit us in-store at one of our four locations where you’ll be able to see what gloves suit you the best!

Whether you need new skates, sticks or pads, Cyclone Taylor Sports has everything you need to make your 2017/2018 Blues season a successful one. Remember to Like and Follow Us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with all our latest launches, contests, sales and promotions.

Let’s Go Richmond Blues!