Raven Ninja 20 Flex Composite Hockey Stick - Yth.

Raven Ninja 20 Flex Composite Hockey Stick - Yth.

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  •     Newest model of the Raven Stick (2016 Limited Edition Ninja Design)
  •     Shaft: Matte Grip
  •     Blade: 3K Carbon
  •     Flex: 20
  •     Lie: 5.5
  •     Curves Available: C19, C88
  •     Raven sticks are the lightest hockey sticks on the market!
  •     60 Day Warranty
The Raven Hockey Stick Ninja Edition is a truly limited edition stick and one of the rarest sticks on the market. Not only did the sweet new look change for Raven in 2016, but the newly designed sticks also feature a matte grip finish on the shaft for added puck control and feel! In addition, the new 2016 limited edition Ninja Raven sticks all feature a slick 3K carbon blade for added durability and all-around better puck feel while stickhandling and shooting.
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Additional Information

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