TRUE A6.0 SBP Pro Return Grip Stick - *No Warranty
TRUE A6.0 SBP Pro Return Grip Stick - *No Warranty
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TRUE A6.0 SBP Pro Return Grip Stick - *No Warranty

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      The TRUE A6.0 SBP Pro Return Grip Hockey Stick (No Warranty) is a great option for players looking for a stick that's different than most. Pro return sticks feature different specs than retail sticks, including different curves, grip patterns on the shaft, lengths, etc. Based on the retail version, the A6.0 SBP features some of the following specs:
      • Made with the highest-quality materials.
      • True one-piece hockey stick.
      • Optimized performance, weight and industry-leading impact strength.
      • Built for house-league, and all the way up to elite/professional hockey players.
      • Lightweight, all-around stick.
      • Note: pro return/pro stock sticks may have minor cosmetic blemishes and may not be exactly as described.
      • Shaft texture/length may vary.
      • No Warranty.
      • If you would like some more info on a specific pattern, don't hesitate to contact us!

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