Full view of DSC Hockey ADULT Graphic T-Shirt (Chirps)
Full view of DSC Hockey ADULT Graphic T-Shirt (Chirps)
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DSC Hockey ADULT T-Shirt - Chirps

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      Note: the DSC T-Shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes. Please make note of the color option selections above (we don't have pictures for all colors unfortunately). If you would like a photo of an option not showing, don't hesitate to contact us.

      • DSC Hockey ADULT T-Shirt (Chirps)
        • "Chirps - hockey's official language. Take a lap, ankle burner, lifer, does your coach know you're on the ice?, hey goalie you'd be a good dodgeball, bench warmer, pylon, how do you eat with no hands?, I heard they made a fifth line just for you"
      • Short sleeve shirt, perfect gift item for hockey players or hockey dad's
      • Material: 100% cotton
      • Origin: Mexico
      • Washing instructions:
        • Water temperature 40 degrees Celsius
        • Wash with non-chlorine bleach
        • Dry with medium heat to prevent shrinkage
        • Do not iron
      • Model#: ATCHIR

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