CCM 1052 Composite Stick - Junior

CCM 1052 Composite Stick - Junior

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The CCM Tacks Composite Stick provides players with incredible accuracy and unbelievable consistency. Why should its youngest brother be any different?
The last in the line of the Tacks stick series is the 1052, which weighs in at 570 grams. What does the 1052 possess that relates to its oldest brother? Well, the AttackFrame Blade technology is found in both. This allows for a high torsional, bending stiffness that creates a powerfully accurate shot. The mid kick point gives you a nasty pop on shots and the ability to cradle those awfully tough saucer passes. Don't forget the T Geometry design, which gives the stick such a shape that even NHL players would drool over as their control and accuracy goes unmatched to other sticks.
The full grip gives you full control at all times and the sturdy composite construction does its best to provide you with a long-lasting stick life. Keep it in the CCM family with the 1052 Composite Stick.
  • AttackFrame Blade allows for more bend
  • Mid kick point provides a snap to your shots
  • T Geometry improves control and accuracy
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand CCM (RBK)