Bauer Supreme One.6 Hockey Stick - Junior

Bauer Supreme One.6 Hockey Stick - Junior

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Standing tall in the middle of the Supreme line is the Supreme One.6 Composite Stick.  This stick holds its own.
Made from premium carbon-composite construction, the Supreme One.6 is much lighter than the One.5 and One.4. The square, double-concave shaft dimensions gives you the ultimate feel on the stick making puck control much easier. The Supreme power taper combined with a mid kick point creates a quick release that is perfect for slap-shots and one-timers.
The blade of the One.6 is equipped with an Aero Foam II blade core that is wrapped with 3K carbon composite making the blade lighter and stiffer, all while increasing puck feel. This blade is also equipped with Pure Shot blade profile---this optimized blade profile increases the connection point between the blade-hosel and the transition of the stick to reduce the amount of blade deflection, or the twisting or opening of the blade while shooting, to improve blade control and pinpoint shot accuracy.
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