Under Armour Flavourblast Mouthguard - Strapless

Under Armour Flavourblast Mouthguard - Strapless

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Under Armour’s ArmourShield Flavor Blast mouth guard comes in five amazing flavors and is backed with a <fontsize=4>dental warranty of $32,000. The AmourShield mouth guard combines Bite Flex™ and ArmourPlate™ technology for greater protection from high-impact on teeth, jaws and gums. Design for all contact sports and meets NFHS rules while remaining latex free. Mouth guard includes a convertible strap and strapless tether.
  •     Fitted: Sits close to the skin for a streamlined fit without the squeeze of compression
  •     Designed for all contact sports
  •     FlavorBlast embedded flavor beads deliver long-lasting taste:
  •     Electric Blue (Berry Flavored)
  •     Pink (Fruit Punch Flavored)
  •     Hyper Green (Cool Mint Flavored)
  •     Blaze Orange (Orange Mint Flavored)
  •     Black (Bubble Gum Flavored)
  •     ArmourShield™ technology uses patented Bite Flex™ and ArmourPlate™ to provide higher-impact protection to teeth, jaws, and gums
  •     ArmourPlate™ insert delivers improved protection while Bite Flex™ absorbs energy on impact
  •     Patented Polymer Shrink provides ability to talk and breathe easily
  •     Convertible strap/strapless tether
  •     $32,000 dental warranty
  •     Meets NFHS rules
  •     Latex-free
  •     Made In The USA
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Additional Information

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