Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Skate - Sr. (2017)

Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Skate - Sr. (2017)
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  •     X-Wrap, allowing goalie to stay in attack position / adding more wrap for a better fit
  •     Dynamic Flex Tongue, allowing goalie more forward flex in the attack position, a better fit and lace bite protection
  •     LOCK-FIT PRO Liner, a grip liner to keep feet locked in place for optimal fit / performance
New for 2017 is the Vapor 1X Goal Skate from Bauer. The skates feature X-Wrap, which is a 3mm extended facing allowing the goalie to stay in the attack position while adding more wrap for better overall fit. Additionally, the Dynamic Flex Tongue has a molded insert performing like a spring, allowing the goalie more forward flex in the attack position. The tongue also features an anatomically-asymmetrical profile that follows the shape of the top of the foot, allowing for a better fit and lace bite protection. Lastly, the Vapor 1X Goal Skate features a LOCK-FIT PRO Liner, which is a grip liner in key zones to keep the feet locked into place, and ensuring optimal fit and performance.
A few other features not mentioned above include a 3-D anaformable Curve Composite boot with extended facing, LS3G VERTEXX EDGE 3mm runners, a goalie-specific toe cap, pro felt tongue, full composite outsole with ventilation and VERTEXX EDGE holders.
If you're a goalie and want the best-of-the-best from Bauer, check out the new Vapor 1X Goal Skate for 2017!
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Additional Information

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