CCM Premier R1.9 Goalie Blocker - Sr.

CCM Premier R1.9 Goalie Blocker - Sr.

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  • For more colour options, please see the CCM Extreme Flex 760/860 Blocker listed on our website!<font     size=3>
  • Sturdy laminated dual density blocker board
  • New adjustable fit cuff for a custom fit
  • Large HD foam sidewall with extra forefinger protector
  • Emboss Synthetic palm w/ vented finger gussets
The name on the front of the board may have changed, but the protection and mobility that are synonymous with Lefevre designed blockers returns in full force. Quite simply, the new CCM Premier R1.9 blocker is one of the most sought after Senior Pro blocker in the industry, and for great reason. If you're a goalie who plays at an Intermediate to Advanced level, approximately 1-3 times per week, the the R1.9 is a perfect choice.
Like several of the past Lefevre designed blockers to date, the R1.9 blocker features a bindingless edge for increased blocking surface and durability. The blocker board is constructed of laminated dual density board for incredible protection and rebound control. The side board runs from the fingers to the back of the board for maximum coverage and protection, and a sizable foam pillow sits between the hand and the sidewall for extra coverage and protection.
The fingers are protected by HD foam finger guards which wrap completely around the forefinger and pinky finger for complete coverage. The Emboss Synthetic palm is centered underneath the blocker board for incredible balance, and ventilated mesh material in the finger gussets allows for great breathability.
The wrist cuff has been redesigned to be nice and wide, and the side of the cuff nearest to the sidewall is now attached with Velcro. This allows the cuff to be made smaller for a tighter fit or larger for a more wide opening. As always, nylon lacing on the outside edge of the cuff allows for even more adjustability.
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Additional Information

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