CCM RBZ Speedburner Grip Stick - Sr.

CCM RBZ Speedburner Grip Stick - Sr.

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  • SpeedPocket blade construction
  • PowerHosel taper
  • Extremely low swing weight—better weight distribution
  • Customized kick point
Once again, CCM has partnered with TaylorMade to bring exciting new technology to the RBZ SpeedBurner Composite Stick.
Unlike some of its predecessors, the RBZ SpeedBurner made a major shift in its blade technology. Starting with the SpeedBlade technology in the original RBZ, CCM then developed Freak Channels for the RBZ Stage 2. Now, you can add SpeedPocket technology to the mix. Its SpeedPocket blade creates more pop in your shot with a wider channel on the interior of the blade. Basically, while the SpeedBurner’s predecessors used Freak Channels to transfer energy more efficiently, the SpeedPocket will significantly increase C.O.R. and drive the puck with more zing to the back of the net.
In the world of golf, TaylorMade introduced the Coefficient of Restitution (C.O.R.). Also known as the trampoline effect, the principles of the C.O.R. have been used in TaylorMade drivers for quite some time. In hockey terms, this translates to a blade that releases stored energy upon impact, resulting in harder passes and heavier shots. By eliminating energy-loss and maximizing puck speed, the RBZ SpeedBurner counts itself among the elite sticks on the market.
Not only does it have a hotter face due to its SpeedPocket construction, but it also sports PowerHosel technology. This allows for better loading on all shots by maximizing energy transfer. PowerHosel also provides greater durability. By combining these two technologies, what you get is an incredibly fast and powerful shot.
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Additional Information

Brand CCM (RBK)