CCM RBZ FT1 Grip Stick - Sr.

CCM RBZ FT1 Grip Stick - Sr.

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New for 2017 is the RBZ FT1 Grip Senior Stick from CCM. The new RBZ FT1 features cutting-edge technology that is designed to help players shoot harder. The Faceplate Technology has been optimized to increase the stiffness (while reducing the weight of the blade). This change, combined with a taper that allows for more efficient energy transfer = increased SMASH factor (aka more shot power)! Players can now benefit from an even harder shot while having a better feeling stick. Not only is the performance of the FT1 improved, but the look has also been refreshed to update its expressive personality.
  •     Increased SMASH factor: helps players shoot harder.
  •     Optimized Faceplate Technology: increase in blade stiffness, while reduction in weight.
  •     Renewed design: keeps the expressive RBZ colours, with a refreshed personality.
  •     Shaft: great durability without compromising performance.
  •     Kick point: custom kick point. The stick flexes where the player's bottom hand is placed! 
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand CCM (RBK)