CCM Premier II Pro Goalie Pads - Sr.

CCM Premier II Pro Goalie Pads - Sr.

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The CCM Premier II Pro Senior Goalie Pads are a new-release for 2018. The Premier line is built on lightweight performance - the line has been re-engineered to be 20% lighter than the previous generation and built for performance to dominate the crease. The pads feature a dual-density core that eliminates excess weight, while still allowing it to maximize coverage and help seal the pads to the ice. Lastly, the Premier II Pro's feature a redesigned leg channel that optimizes rotation, increasing butterfly drop velocity anf recovery. Features:
  •     Single break outer flex (maximized coverage)
  •     No-break core inner flex (closes the 5-hole)
  •     60-degree boot flex angle (directs pucks to the side/corner)
  •     Shallow-soft boot channel (faster transition into butterfly)
  •     Loose fit no calf strap (lightweight & quick response)
  •     No strap - 2" elastic knee strap system (customized fit)
  •     Deeper knee cradle that helps close the 5-hole
  •     Light core with integrity offers powerful rebounds out of play
  •     Knee raiser helps seal pads to the ice
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand CCM (RBK)