CCM FitLite 3DS Helmet

CCM FitLite 3DS Helmet

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The next generation of the FitLite helmet line comes with the introduction of the CCM FitLite 3DS. CCM built this helmet to meet and exceed the needs of pro players. It features D3O smartfoam technology with rate sensitive properties that react differently to various levels of impact. If you are a fan of the CCM Tacks protective line, D3O should sound familiar, as it has been a proven technology used throughout that Tacks line.
So how does D3O foam work? D3O is a smart foam located on the temples of the FitLite 3DS helmet, it keeps its soft consistency to absorb energy from low intensity impacts and instantly hardens for any higher intensity impacts. The molecules in this foam are continuously free flowing, which allows the “smart material” to remain soft and flexible, but on impact, the molecules lock together to absorb and dissipate the energy from the impact. After the impact, the molecules return to their soft and flexible state. This unique molecular structure offers cutting edge pro level protection that is meant to soften both high and low energy impacts.
Complementing the D3O foam is the usage low density black EPP foam liner on the inside, a light-weight foam made to manage multiple impacts. Additional protection comes in the form of memory foam cushions that are strategically placed throughout the helmet to increase comfort level as well as overall fit. Speaking of fit, the 3DS uses two methods of adjustability to provide a great fitting helmet, the first comes in the adjustment clips found just above the ear pieces that will allow for adjustment to the helmet length. The second is with the Microdial III, this dial allows for a full 360 degree wrap around the head for optimal fit and comfort with an occipital lock. If you are looking for that completely customizable fit, the 3DS provides just that.
Lastly, the redesigned shell is made with high density PE with an ABS sub-shell for lightweight and professional protection. To manage temperature, the shell has been made vented to help cool down during usage. And with the redesign, this helmet EASILY passes the mirror test with a new updated look.
If you are looking for a good looking helmet featuring cutting edge protection, check out the FitLite 3DS today.
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Additional Information

Brand CCM (RBK)