CCM Extreme Flex Shield II Chest Protector - Sr.

CCM Extreme Flex Shield II Chest Protector - Sr.

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New for 2018 is the CCM Extreme Flex Shield II Senior Chest Protector. The Extreme Flex line is inspired by the desire to optimize mobility without sacrificing protection. The Extreme Flex Shield II's improved design boasts protective features in the rib area for the Reverse-VH, and also includes beefed-up padding that protects the goalie from the hardest shots! Features:
  •     D3O Smart Material foam in sternum (maximum protection)
  •     Quick-release velcro adjustment shoulder wings (customized fit)
  •     Great mobility and protection in the chest area
  •     Compression molded high-density foam in the biceps/forearms/shoulder caps (great protection)
  •     Adjustable elbow protector (customized fit)
  •     Sizing: Small (18" chest, 18" arms), Medium (19" chest, 19" arms) Large (20" chest, 20" arms) and X-Large (21" chest, 21" arms)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand CCM (RBK)