CCM Extreme Flex 500 Intermediate Pad

CCM Extreme Flex 500 Intermediate Pad

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  • 90° angled soft boot flex for extreme mobility
  • Low-density soft foam on the front reduces rebound to assure improved control
  • Flat inside edge stabilizes the pad flush to the ice with bindingless knee and calf wrap for increased durability
  • Wider knee stack landing surface keep goalies balanced in the butterfly
  • Flex Option: Double Break, unless specified Single Break
  • Leg and Boot Channel: Loose Fit, unless specified as tight fit
  • Leg Strap System: Adjustable thigh strap and extra below the knee buckle placement
  • Toe Arrangement: Leather Bridge w/Lacing
  • Knee Cradle: Soft Foam
Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand CCM (RBK)