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Exciting news from True Hockey – available August 14, the 2020 TF Pro Custom Skates are the latest custom iteration from this top-end Canadian ice skate maker. Launching alongside the TF9 and TF7 retail/stock skates (details below), the TF Pro’s feature the same True build, but feature an updated, new look. Continue reading this post for more details! :-D


    • BLADE: now a standard height of ¾” (19mm) – one set of STEP Stainless Steel will be included with each custom skate order.

    • HOLDER/STEEL SIZING: stainless steel and Blacksteel are now available in all sizes excluding 1, 1.5, 2 and 13+.

        • If you require any of the listed sizes above, you will receive Bauer Lightspeed Edge Holders and LS3 steel.

    • COLOUR OPTIONS: choose from either “Blackout” (stock) or “Blue Stripe” (+$25.00 CAD upgrade).

        • Colour upgrade options (red, True blue, white, and silver) are no longer available for player skates. Sorry for any inconvenience!

    • HOW DO I GET SCANNED? Our True Custom Skate-Fit Centre is located at our Vancouver Store (1-604-266-3316) – we have been 3D-scanning/fitting elite ice hockey players in True skates at this location since July 2017! Ask for the manager, John :-) 

2020 True TF Pro Custom skates product details


    • The TF Pro’s are purely a cosmetic upgrade (same core performance features/benefits as the 2019 True custom skate). As always, True custom skates are made in Canada!
    • Clarino HydroFoam moisture-wicking liner has been added as an option (improved antimicrobial, wicking, and comfort properties).
    • TF Pro Anatomical Fit updated tongue has been added as an option (lightweight, stiffer/more contoured design, anatomical/comfortable fit, modified T-Guard to protect against impacts and lace bite).
    • The Tendon Guard is still removable/replaceable but will now feature an embedded screw (instead of a rivet).


TF Pro Junior w/ Shift Holder & STEP Steel $849.99
TF Pro Junior w/ Shift Holder & STEP Blacksteel $919.99
TF Pro Senior w/ Shift Holder & STEP Steel $1,149.99
TF Pro Senior w/ Shift Holder & STEP Blacksteel $1,219.99

STEP Steel (stainless) - 2nd pair +$109.99
STEP Blacksteel - 2nd pair +$179.99
Tongue embroidery +$25.00
Internal impact protection +$50.00
T-Guard upgrade +$25.00
Metatarsal protection upgrade +$25.00
Replacement tongues w/ embroidery +$80.00
Replacement Junior/Senior tendon guards +$30.00
Express production (7 business days) +$200.00



    • 180 days (6 months) manufacturer defect on the boots, from the date of shipment.
    • 365 days (12 months) on the steel and holders.


True TF9 & TF7 hockey skates

If the TF Pro Custom’s are outside of your price-range, you need skates faster, or you don’t need to go custom, True is now also offering TF9 and TF7 retail models in Junior and Senior sizing. Also coming to market on August 14, pricing will be as follows (CAD):

    • TF9$499.99 (Junior), $699.99 (Senior)

        • Highlights: carbon fiber 1-piece shell, HydroFoam clarino liner, anatomical/lightweight adjustable tongue w/ T-Guard protection, SHIFT holder w/ Onyx runner (black coated finish).

        • Sizes available: 2.5-5.5 (Junior), 6-11.5 (Senior) - full & half
    • TF7$299.99 (Junior), $399.99 (Senior)

        • Highlights: fiberglass 1-piece shell, black wick liner, traditional felt tongue, SHIFT holder w/ stainless runner.

        • Sizes available: 2.5-5.5 (Junior), 6-11.5 (Senior) - full & half

True TF9 and TF7 hockey skates


In closing, if you have ANY further questions about True TF Pro Custom, TF9, or TF7 ice hockey skates, don’t hesitate to contact us via any of the following means! :-) 

    • Toll-free: 1-800-665-2188
    • Our True Skate-Fit Centre: 1-604-266-3316 (ask for the manager, John)

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