Bauer Vapor X700 Grip Stick - Sr.

Bauer Vapor X700 Grip Stick - Sr.

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  •     Two-piece construction gives great energy transfer
  •     Dual density blade is sturdy yet allows for powerful shots
  •     QRT Taper gives you great whip on shots
Just like it's brothers before it, the Vapor X700 Composite Stick allows you to rip shots and skate without feeling like there is a brick in your hands. Featuring fused, two-piece technology, the X700 has a natural energy transfer from shaft to blade. The QRT Taper gives you a powerful shot as the carbon fibers become more compact toward the blade, allowing you to pulverize opposing goalies with a wicked whip of the shaft. The Micro Feel II shaft dimension give you a proper feel from hand to stick.
The Pure Shot blade profile and dual density blade core allow for exceptional pass reception and a great feel for the puck. A matte finish on the blade helps hide the puck from defenders, allowing you to swiftly skate to the net without worry of exposing the biscuit.
True power at a moderate price with Griptac technology; does it get any better?
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Additional Information

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