Bauer Vapor X 80 Sr. Shoulder Pads

Bauer Vapor X 80 Sr. Shoulder Pads

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Get in the game and stay in the game with the Vapor X80 Shoulder Pads by Bauer. The usual consensus is that light cannot possibly be strong, and strong cannot possibly be light. Bauer made what seems impossible, possible. You get lightweight maximum protection that doesn’t restrict your movements during the most crucial moments of the game, which are all 60 of them.
High Density Foam technology is the main focus of these beauties, and found in the most crucial areas. From the front, to your sides, to your back this advanced technology reduces the overall weight while maintaining key impact properties for pro level protection. In layman's terms you get a serious level of protection all around from minimal, non-bulky padding.
Your shoulder caps, spinal area, and bicep guards are protected with forms of PU, HD, and Molded foam. These components add a bit more weigh but overall without sacrificing your protection which is the most important.
Tapered fit provides you with mobility for quick movements and allows your arms for a free range of motion. The multi segmented design rounds out this package by equipping you with complete comfort and protection for improved performance on the ice.
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