Bauer Vapor X 60 Shoulder Pad - Jr.

Bauer Vapor X 60 Shoulder Pad - Jr.

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  •     Tapered construction allows for better fit and range of motion
  •     Thin for mobility without sacrificing your protection
  •     Thermoformed shoulder caps for a custom feel
Rounding out the Vapor line are the Vapor X 60 Shoulder Pads by Bauer. Although these beauts come in last they certainly don’t leave you hanging. Protection, mobility, and lightweight feel still play a key role to keeping you on the ice 60 minutes at a time.
Thermoformable cap construction provides an anatomical feel, almost as if these shoulder pads were made specifically for you. Beyond the shoulder cap HD Foams and Mid-Density Foams all combine to protect your sternum, spinal, biceps, and front and back side panels. All of these components keep these pads lightweight so you get the most out of your protective.
Tapered fit provides you with mobility for quick movements and allows your arms for a free range of motion. This particular fit has a wider top while through the lower portion it's a standard fit. Don’t let your pads restrict you anymore, snipe with ease.
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Additional Information

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