Bauer Vapor APX2 Shin Guard - Senior

Bauer Vapor APX2 Shin Guard - Senior

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Hockey is a game of speed, finesse, and agility everyone knows that. In order to achieve these aspects you need equipment that works with you rather than against you. Get the best of both worlds with the second round Vapor APX2 Shin Guards by Bauer.
AEROLITE technology is the main focus of these beauties. From your shins, to each side, and to your calves this advanced technology reduces the overall weight by 30% while maintaining key impact properties for pro level protection. In layman's terms you get a serious level of protection all around from minimal, non-bulky padding. It almost feels like you have nothing on, but take a hit and it feels like you're a brick wall, nothing can break you.
Tapered fit provides you with mobility for quick movements and allows your legs to get the job done with free range of motion. Free Flex Construction rounds out these shins by equipping you with a flexible segmented shin cap, for a greater range of motion for improved on-ice performance. Also as an added bonus the segmented shin cap allows for these shin guards to stay put when you get the bench, rather than you sitting and them riding up. Enjoy no more adjustments, or fixing your equipment on the go thanks to Bauer.
Lastly, 37.5 technology has been added to the APX2 line, drying up to six times faster than competitive products. While other fabrics simply wick moisture around the garment, trapping humidity near the athlete’s skin, 37.5 technology uses body heat to evaporate moisture and release sweat from under equipment so you stay comfortable all game long.
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