Bauer Supreme 1S Grip Stick - Sr. (2017)

Bauer Supreme 1S Grip Stick - Sr. (2017)

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  •     RenewCore blade technology
  •     Extended transfer zone in the shaft
  •     Maximum power kick-point
  •     Light and deadly
  •     Consistent performance
New for 2017 is the Supreme 1S Senior Stick from Bauer. "Bring The Boom" is Bauer's tag-line on the new Supreme 1S, and that is truly warranted. The revolution has arrived - durability, performance and power, in addition to RenewCore technology (we will go into more detail below) will help make the 1S your hardest shot yet! The goals are about to start piling up...
As mentioned above, Bauer is excited to announce their new and revolutionary "RenewCore technology" in the Blade. In simple terms, the blade has a pressurized gel core that remains in a liquid form forever - this technology will improve your blade durability and shot power. The gel core is self-healing, meaning as damage occurs to the blade, the gel will find and fill the cracks! Again, the blade is more durable and will last longer, shot after shot.
In addition, the Supreme 1S also comes equipped with an Extended Transfer Zone (ETZ), making it Bauer's most versatile Supreme stick ever. What does the ETZ mean? Simply, you will continue to get the renowned high kick point for those hard slap shots and one-timers, however the stick now also caters to snap shots (where your bottom hand might be in a lower position). Versatility, which is so important for the player of today!
How about the stick Weight with the 2017 1S? The stick is light and deadly - using "TeXtreme technology" (the latest carbon fiber technology), Bauer is able to build the stick 20% lighter than conventional carbon fiber sticks. What is the benefit? Improved balance, enhanced puck handling and rock-solid durability.
Consistent performance is the name of the game with the Supreme 1S Stick (2017 Model) from Bauer. A well-balanced stick + consistent energy transfer = a consistent shot, time after time. Let those slappers, one-timers and wrist/snap shots fly!
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Additional Information

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