Bauer Supreme 180 GripTac Sr. Hockey Stick

Bauer Supreme 180 GripTac Sr. Hockey Stick

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The Bauer Supreme 180 stick was designed and developed for the player seeking visible technologies, pro level feel and playability at a performance level price.
The Supreme line features a mid-kick flex profile, which means that it is easier to load through the middle due to its softer properties in that zone. It also features the Supreme power dual taper for a stiffer bottom portion of the shaft which in conjunction with the Pure Shot Blade profile, an expanded throat design as you transition from shaft to blade, provides torsional stiffness in such a way that reduces the likelihood of twisting and torquing of the blade. The 180 was engineered to boost energy output and provide a healthy combination of strength, power, precision and control.
Just like the higher end Supreme 190 stick, the Supreme 180 uses a premium lightweight 12k woven carbon fiber in the shaft. 12k carbon is even better at managing stress than 3k woven carbon fiber, which has been used in high end composite sticks for years. The Supreme line of sticks have a square shaft shape with double-concave walls which is preferred among pros. Enhancing the nice secure grip provided from this shape is the MX3 Tac-Spiral ridges on the underside of the shaft.
For the core of the Supreme 180 blade, Bauer uses a lightweight AERO FOAM 1, which provides great feel for the puck. The Blade is wrapped in Premium lightweight 3k Carbon Fiber, which adds stiffness to the blade, and features a matte finish.
The Bauer Supreme 180 is a well-balanced stick with visible technologies that support a powerful and controlled shot all at a performance level price. This value proposition should get your consideration.
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