Bauer Nexus N9000 Glove - Sr. (2016)

Bauer Nexus N9000 Glove - Sr. (2016)

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  •     Traditional volume fit
  •     Double layer ivory nash palm
  •     Thermo max liner
  •     Pro nylon shell
  •     Double density foam
Just a step down from its sibling, the 1N, but still a top end glove is the Bauer Nexus N9000. Assuming the identity of the Bauer 4-Rolls, the Nexus N9000 provides a generous size with its classic style fit, excellent mobility, and high level of protection.
Assuming the identity of the traditional 4-Roll design, the Nexus N9000’s offer a classic fit that allows extra room for your hands throughout the whole glove, which ultimately contributes to better mobility.
The fingers are designed with 2-piece segments that provide great dexterity for gripping your stick and having full control in its movements. Same goes for the 2-piece Free Flex lock thumb which provides excellent mobility and protection from hyper-extension.
Protection is a must when flying down the wing, or battling in a corner. The Nexus N9000’s back roll is built with Double Density Foam, which is 2 layers that combines for 20mm of thickness to keep your hands protected from slashes, pucks, or even skates.
A Thermo Max liner complements the inside of the N9000’s with strong moisture wicking power while a durable, Double Layer Ivory Nash Palm wraps your hands in comfort. The Ivory Nash is well known to provide trusted durability with a soft consistent feel throughout the entire palm.
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Additional Information

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