Bauer Nexus 1N Griptac Stick - Sr. (2017 Model)

Bauer Nexus 1N Griptac Stick - Sr. (2017 Model)

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  •     Nexus mid-kick flex profile with Sweet Spot technology
  •     Control Shaft Geometry
  •     Easy Load Taper technology
  •     Lightweight TeXtreme construction
  •     Monocomp technology
  •     POWER SENSE 2 blade core
  •     Pure Shot blade profile
  •     Matte blade with texture
The 2017 Nexus 1N has some new features to make it better than ever! This year, the 1N will feature Control Shaft Geometry - 14% rounder corners than the previous model, which increases the amount of contact between the hand and stick for greater control. Additionally, the new Easy Load Taper Technology allows for a smoother, easier load that creates more consistency with each shot.
Similar to the previous model, TeXtreme Technology is a strengthened, ultra-lightweight carbon fiber that keeps the stick structurally sound while reducing bulk. The new 1N will also feature eLASTech Technology, which absorbs impacts and reduces the effect of any trauma to the stick’s shaft. This gives the stick a longer lasting “new” and responsive feel.
Bauer’s PowerSense II blade core offers a perfectly balanced feel, and an outer TeXtreme carbon fiber coating makes the blade much more durable.
The Nexus is famous for its “sweet spot” that caters to almost any type of shot you might find yourself taking. With the sweet spot, the mid-kick point of the stick reacts to your hand placement, loading and releasing power accordingly. The energy transfer in the 1N is unmatched, and gives you a smooth, quick and accurate release of the puck.
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Additional Information

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